Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Changes..

I have been really busy lately, and unfortunately my blog has got no attention at all! I have just updated it from my last few shoots, but a few have been re-scheduled etc due to this massive amount of rain the last 1-2 weeks! Thankfully, today is beautiful and sunny :)

I have spent many many hours recently getting my My new website built by the awesome Andrew at Phillips Design. He has put in so much hard work to do this for me, and I am so grateful as he has done such a fantastic job! I highly recommend him to anyone needing a website made! Thank you so much Andrew :)It is a MASSIVE accomplishment for me to get my website up, and a big step forward in my business, so I am really proud of that :)

I also designed new Business Cards and had them printed, they look pretty awesome if I must say so myself!

I have a Facebook Photography Fanpage up and running which is drawing in a lot of new clients and seems to be working really well for me, which is exactly why I have chosen to stop posting on my blog at this stage. Having to update my website frequently, as well as updating Facebook after every shoot and then to do the same on my blog is a lot of work! I don't really see the use in doing it to all three, so from now on I will just have My new website and my Facebook Page . For all recent shoots please visit my Facebook Page to view the photos, which is just the same as my blog :)

My photography business has taken off and become successful far quicker then I ever imagine, so I am absolutely loving all of the shoots I have happening at the moment. I need to put all my time into my family, myself and my work now, so having to update all three places is just a bit too much at this stage.

Thanks to everyone who follows my blog, I am sure I will come back again oneday, but for now I just want to stick with Facebook and my Website :) If you wish to contact me, my mobile is 0400668112 and my email is Amanda -xo-

Rain Rain Go Away [Family]

I really, really looked forward to Sunday's shoot and as the day got on, the weather got worse! I was adament I was going to still give it a go, and this awesome family didn't mind getting a little wet, so off we headed with gumboots and umbrella in hand! Even though it rained the whole time, I loved taking their photos, and as 'Master M' is the same age as my little Master Jack, I loved it even more-22 months is the best age! These photos turned out beautiful, and the rain made for a lovely background but we are heading out again to get more photos next week (if this weather clears) so stay tuned for more photos in the coming weeks of this cute family :) Thanks so much for braving this very crazy weather with me guys, I hope you love your photos, looking forward to Take 2!

The Lewis Family

A couple of weeks ago I headed out to the Japanese Gardens again to do some family photos for this gorgeous family. Little Matilda and Oscar, and their Mum & Dad Cayce and Chris, were such a pleasure to take photos of. I love nothing more then when I go to a shoot and am so comfortable that it feels like we have been friends for years, and could just chat forever. This is what this shoot was like, and we let the kids pretty much run wild and play just like they wanted too and I got some of the most beautiful shots I have ever taken. Thank you so much guys for letting me into your family briefly to take these, I hope you love them as much as I do, and enjoy your sneak peak! xo

Cayce and Chris have ordered to gigantic Storyboards to hang on their walls, a 20x30inch and a 16x20 inch, I can't wait to get them printed because they will look fantastic!

The Bolton Family

I headed back out to the Japanese Gardens to take some phots for Dean and Kelly of their cute little family. It was such a beautiful afternoon, and I enjoyed following the 3 boys Jack, Spencer & Rory around while they were playing and just snapping away :) Kelly and Dean only wanted a couple of certain photos, and our shoot was over and done with in just 30 minutes! I thought for sure that a shoot with 3 young boys would be much harder then that, but nope they were fantastic, and absolutely love the camera :) Here's your sneak peak guys, I hope you like it!

Kelly and Dean have ordered a massive 16x20 inch print of their youngest son, Rory to fit in on the wall with photos of the other boys at the same age-and it looks amazing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jack [lollipop]

While I was doing Jack's easter photos on Sunday, I thought I would do another little shoot with a big lollipop too! Jack isn't usually allowed lollipops, every other sweet under the sun is ok, I am just funny about lollipops! So I think he thought it was his birthday today when I pulled out this yummy looking one! He had a great old time eating it, and before he knew it Mummy was a big old meanie and put it away! Until recently, I haven't gotten too many 'fantastic' (ie. photographer worthy photos that aren't snapshots) of him, but I have been going to great lengths to make sure I get heaps lately, and these are some of my favourites, I love the colouring and greens in them. My boy has grown up way too fast, he is just too cute for words :)

Jack [easter]

I keep meaning to take my son Jack out for some Easter photos, and I finally did it last Sunday! We brought 3 baby chickens last weekend, so I wanted to get the photos done before they got too much bigger, they are growing so fast! Jack absolutely loves the chicks, he has named them all on his own, no help at all, and they are called : Din Din (dinner)(the black one), Chick Chick, and Chicky Babe. It sounds so cute when he says ni ni to them all before bed :)
He kept thinking he could eat the pretend easter eggs today, and got a rude shock when he bit into foam, needless to say-I promised him a real chocolate egg when we got home!
Rest assured that no animals were harmed during this photo shoot, and we are keeping them for pets :)

Erich [baby]

Last weekend I met with Sacha and her adorable little 3 month old boy, Erich. Poor little Erich (and his mummy and daddy) hasn't had the best start to his life, with him being in hospital a few times, and being quite sore and unsettled :( I am really happy to have captured these beautiful photos of him, being all cute and happy though! He had his ups and downs (as does any baby!) but we persisted and got lots of great photos! He was pulling some of the cutest smiles, and must make his parents hearts melt! Here is a little sneak peak at your photos guys, I hope you love them :) And hang in there, it will all get better soon, so try to make the most of this hard time :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jamie + Courtney [love]

On Sunday I went out with Jamie and Courtney (in this miserable, rainy weather!) and got heaps of shots of them being all cute and lovey together, and I had heaps of fun doing so! There was a couple of awkard moments, with people staring (ie. a bus interchange full!) but we got there in the end! I absolutely loved Courtneys killer heels (I have no idea how she walks in them! I struggle just in thongs!) but they matched her killer legs perfectly! And Jamie-he's a pro in front of the camera too, I definitely think his calling is right in front of the lens :)

I can't believe how much air they got jumping in front of the graffiti wall, and it turned out awesome!
I really love these spots we shot at today!

I have so many favourites with all of my shoots lately, that I just can't pick a couple for the web, so once again here are many, many photos to have a peek at. Hope you love your pics guys, can't wait to take some more again next weekend! (oh, and this isn't even one-third of your shots from this session!) xo

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Moore-Leotta Family

It was out to Warwick on Sunday to do another shoot for these guys, I did their family shots when little Ken was a newborn only 3 months ago, so it was time for some more because he has grown so much! The forecast was for rain, but we thought we would risk it anyway, and after we got to the location, unloaded and set up for the first shot, it started pouring! So we packed everything up and drove around until it stopped, which wasn't too long. We headed back to the spot and snapped away! It showered on and off, but as a bonus, it made for really beautiful lighting! Definitely wasn't my easiest shoot, little VJ hates photos (as does most 3 year old boys!), so the photos are about as natural as you can get! Lillian who has just started Prep just loves me taking her photos, she is always posing for me, and then wanting to see the photo afterwards, and even takes a few good shots herself!
We decided I need a little turn table to sit on to spin around really quick when the kids are running so fast! I am really happy with this shoot and have many photos to edit, so here are a fair few to get you by guys! Thanks again guys for getting me to capture these precious moments with your beautiful little family :)

The Plowman-Whyatt Family

On Saturday, I headed back over to the Japanese Gardens to meet Rebekah, Russ and Connor to take their first ever family photos. It was so easy taking their photos, I love it when I am at a shoot and we can just chat like old friends, it makes the whole shoot so easy, and more relaxed, and then-I get photos like these! Connor took a while to warm to getting his photos taken, but as soon as his Daddy got out a ball, that was it-we got smiles and giggles galore! And aren't they just the sweetest smiles ever?! Thankyou so much for asking me to take your first family portraits, I had so much fun and I hope that these photos are just what you hoped for plus much much more! I know I am extremely happy with them, and have definitely got some of my best ever shots :)
I have way too many favourites, so here is a very big share of the ones I have edited so far!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Olive Family

On Saturday I had the pleasure of taking photos for this beautiful little family, as well as with the youngest girl Briella with her godparents. They really were the sweetest girls, and although they made me work hard for the smiles, I did get some in the end. Lillyan is the oldest sister, and had some great poses ready for me! Here are a few of the very many great shots I got :)
Check out how cute Briella's little shoes are!

Leerentveld Family

On the weekend I photographed this beautiful little family at Queens Park. It was the best weather, and we had heaps of fun with the kids, having tea parties, swinging them around and just giggling heaps. I don't think I have ever left a session with that big a grin on my face :)
Grace is the littlest one, and she is just so placid and happy! I don't think I heard her get sad at all! Then there was Logan who was 2, and just the cutest little boy, I have never seen a 2 year old so happy to have his photos taken. Then there was Brooke,3 and wow she has one awesome personality! She pulled me faces, stuck her tongue out, and gave me some of the biggest, brightest smiles I have gotten. Thankyou so much for letting me be apart of your family to take your photos, it really was such a joy to do, and I hope you love your photos as much as I do :)