Monday, September 26, 2011

Tylah, Summer & Jack

Whenever my eldest niece Tylah comes over to stay I always grab out my camera to take photos of her, she is just beautiful, and being 6 years old, she loves getting her photo taken so I always make the most of it! Today while our son was sleeping I took some of her with our 5 month old baby Summer, and they turned out just perfect (in the eyes of a proud Aunty & Mummy anyway!). Then once Jack woke up he let me take just a couple of him, he doesn't like to sit still for very long! Absolutely love my family, they are just the best thing on this earth :)

As well as take photos today, we also had fun baking blueberry muffins, going to the shops, playing at the park, painting face masks, playing footy outside in the warm sun and then the kids finished the busy day off eating popcorn on the couch together watching a Barbie movie! Phew what a day!!

The first photo is a perfect example showing why clothing choice is so important in photo shoots, changing Summers outfit made the photos so much better, so please remember this when choosing your outfits for photo shoots!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sammy, Xena & Bruce

This afternoon I had a shoot with Sam & her 2 beautiful dogs, Xena & Bruce! Same LOVES her pets, and I did a gorgeous shoot with her & her horse last year, so this time was the dogs turns! Now I won't lie, taking the dogs photos was incredibly hard! Poor old Xena is only using 3 legs at the moment, and can't hear too well, and well, much like photographing a 2 year old child, they just wanted to run away! We still managed to get some good shots though, so here's a few of my faves :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

King Family

Today I did my first official work shoot since I had our baby way back in April, it was so lovely to get to hang out with this cute family and take their family photos for them! Couldn't have asked for lovelier weather or more gorgeous kids, enjoy guys, and Happy Fathers Day for Sunday :)