Friday, December 16, 2011

Graco Family Photos

I am so happy we finally got a chance to do these guys family photos, last weekend was the only chance we could have because they all live so far away, and of course it was pouring rain! I am really glad we waited for the rain to stop, because I am so happy with these photos and the park was beautiful! Please check out SSGlamour on Facebook for all your beauty needs, Sheree is awesome & does a great job!

Stuart [2 days new]

This week I was honoured to go up to the hospital to take photos of this gorgeous little (big!) baby Stuart! He is just 2 days old in these photos, and just perfect. This is the 3rd time I have taken photos for these guys, and every time the boys get even more gorgeous. Stuart will have many fun days with these two big brothers that's for sure! Enjoy these first special moments, and see you next time you are in Toowoomba :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Abbie+Millie [sisters]

Yesterday I went out with these two gorgeous sisters and did some photos for their annual Christmas Card. The poor things, it was SO cold and windy, but they did a brilliant job. These girls are a wonderful mix of cheeky, serious and absolutely beautiful. I am also extremely lucky to be their Aunty. I swear I have the most adorable family! Millie is the littlest one (blonde hair) and she wouldn't crack a smile for me,she was very serious the whole shoot, but I managed to get a few out of Abbie, love these girls :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Miss M

Over the weekend I had a shoot with these guys, who have been booked in all year, so was great to finally meet them! The location was absolute heaven, I loved it, so many beautiful spots for photos! And little Miss M, she was so cute, and oh my goodness she had a cheeky little attitude! We did have trouble getting her to stop dancing and running for longer then 2 seconds to get a photo, but we managed in the end! She was a bag of laughs!

Driessen Family

I had the absolute pleasure of taking this beautiful families photos on the weekend. Words can't say how much I loved this shoot, everyone was just so lovely and cute, and the kids were so good for me, just awesome! I think everyone will agree Mum is just absolutely beautiful too! Well done guys, you have the best family xo

Firstly, a huge 20x30 inch storyboard print that these guys have ordered, it will look absolutely perfect hanging on the wall framed!

Brothers [LOVE]

I had a small little shoot just for a few quick christmas card photos, of these two absolutely adorable little brothers. I love seeing siblings interact, especially when the older one is so caring and protective of the younger one, so sweet :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

4 Week Old Frankie

Today I had this gorgeous family come out for photos of this little guy Frankie who is 4 weeks old. He was wide awake for a while, and didn't want to be nude for his photos, but once we got his clothes back on, he was sound asleep snoring away! He is so strong for a newborn, so we had no hope of getting the usual curled up asleep photos, but we did get lots of cute photos anyway!
Hope you guys love your sneak peak, Frankie is a little cutie pie :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jack & Amity

On the weekend I had the pleasure of photographing these two cuties Jack & Amity, twin 3 1/2 year old siblings! These guys did anything to look away from my camera, they are so cheeky and do not like having their photo taken, but I persisted and got many wonderful shots still! Amity is just a little doll, her porcelain skin and big, bright blue eyes are just amazing, and Jack, he reminds me so much of my 3 1/2 year old Jack that I could take his photo all day too! He is just such a handsome little man!
Jack & Amity hadn't seen their Daddy for 2 weeks before our photo shoot, and they didn't know he was coming along, so I am really happy I captured them so excited and surprised to see him when he showed up, I love the emotion in the photos.
Thank you so much to their Mum for such fantastic choice in their clothing, it really does make a huge difference to photos, you have great taste! Thank you also, for coming from so far away, I hope you love these pictures for years to come!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tylah, Summer & Jack

Whenever my eldest niece Tylah comes over to stay I always grab out my camera to take photos of her, she is just beautiful, and being 6 years old, she loves getting her photo taken so I always make the most of it! Today while our son was sleeping I took some of her with our 5 month old baby Summer, and they turned out just perfect (in the eyes of a proud Aunty & Mummy anyway!). Then once Jack woke up he let me take just a couple of him, he doesn't like to sit still for very long! Absolutely love my family, they are just the best thing on this earth :)

As well as take photos today, we also had fun baking blueberry muffins, going to the shops, playing at the park, painting face masks, playing footy outside in the warm sun and then the kids finished the busy day off eating popcorn on the couch together watching a Barbie movie! Phew what a day!!

The first photo is a perfect example showing why clothing choice is so important in photo shoots, changing Summers outfit made the photos so much better, so please remember this when choosing your outfits for photo shoots!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sammy, Xena & Bruce

This afternoon I had a shoot with Sam & her 2 beautiful dogs, Xena & Bruce! Same LOVES her pets, and I did a gorgeous shoot with her & her horse last year, so this time was the dogs turns! Now I won't lie, taking the dogs photos was incredibly hard! Poor old Xena is only using 3 legs at the moment, and can't hear too well, and well, much like photographing a 2 year old child, they just wanted to run away! We still managed to get some good shots though, so here's a few of my faves :)