Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This is my last post before 2009 finishes, and I realised that I haven't posted any photos of my gorgeous little Jack for a very long time! I did his Christmas photos a few weeks ago, and it was well....hard! Very, very hard! I ended up just following him and letting him do his own thing, and his personality well and truly shows through the photos :)
I hope everyone has a spectacular and safe Christmas and New Year, thanks for following my blog! :) xoxo

Amelia June

My little niece Amelia is very quickly growing up and is now almost a whole 8 weeks old! We took full advantage of my son being asleep this week and Amelia being settled at the same time and very quickly took a few shots of her. She is the spitting image of her Daddy and changing all the time! I swear my family must be glad to have a photographer as a sister, they get more photos then most families I know!

Family Shoot

I did a shoot for this wonderful family while they had a rare moment all together, and it was heaps of fun :) I loved all of the kids, they were all so cute in their own little way, and the youngest, Myah who is 18 months (around my sons age) reminded me so much of Jack, getting lots of photos of her back, running away! There are far better things for them to be doing then sitting in front of a camera! I really loved that I could capture them all here together in Australia, and all the cousins together, they are precious memories to capture and keep :)

Ruby Grace Margaret

I have been really busy leading up to Christmas, and have been a bit slack with my blog, so here are the rest of my shoots for 2009! I have had a fantastic year, with so many beautiful families to take photos of! I am really excited to see what 2010 has in store for me!
Here is sweet Ruby who came 3 weeks early in time for her mumma and dadda for Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Shoot

I got to do a shoot with this very gorgeous family on the weekend, and I just love little Olivia's sweet personality! She definitely warmed to me pretty quickly, but soon enough she had enough of photos and it was duck feeding time! Baby Charlotte was adorable and made me as clucky as ever!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

9 Day Old Eleanor

This little sweety Eleanor was such a pleasure to photograph! Never before have I taken photos of such a settled, placid little baby-I literally could have taken her photos all day! I got many beautiful shots, but here are just a few! Congratulations to her Mummy and Daddy on the arrival of such a sweet little girl!

Little Cutie

I have been so busy with shoots, so have a few to catch up on, starting with this absolutely adorable little man. He wasn't feeling too good at the shoot, and we discovered half way through that he was cutting a molar, yet I got so many wonderful smiles and giggles out of him! Such a cutie :)