Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Olive Family

On Saturday I had the pleasure of taking photos for this beautiful little family, as well as with the youngest girl Briella with her godparents. They really were the sweetest girls, and although they made me work hard for the smiles, I did get some in the end. Lillyan is the oldest sister, and had some great poses ready for me! Here are a few of the very many great shots I got :)
Check out how cute Briella's little shoes are!

Leerentveld Family

On the weekend I photographed this beautiful little family at Queens Park. It was the best weather, and we had heaps of fun with the kids, having tea parties, swinging them around and just giggling heaps. I don't think I have ever left a session with that big a grin on my face :)
Grace is the littlest one, and she is just so placid and happy! I don't think I heard her get sad at all! Then there was Logan who was 2, and just the cutest little boy, I have never seen a 2 year old so happy to have his photos taken. Then there was Brooke,3 and wow she has one awesome personality! She pulled me faces, stuck her tongue out, and gave me some of the biggest, brightest smiles I have gotten. Thankyou so much for letting me be apart of your family to take your photos, it really was such a joy to do, and I hope you love your photos as much as I do :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Newborn Twins

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to do a shoot for my lovely long time friend Kirstie's, 3 week old little twins, Lyra and Jake. I'm not going to lie-I was nervous as hell. I have never done a shoot with twins before, and I figured thought it was going to be really really hard! Turns out, I had nothing to worry about! These are 2 of the most placid, calm little babies I have ever seen, and it was probably even easier then most newborn shoots I do! I have way too many favourites, so here are quite a few of my top picks, I hope they make you go 'awww' as much as I am! I really love Jake's arm around Lyra, like he is protecting her already, makes my heart melt :)

Congratulations Kirstie, Toby and Lilly (big sis!) on your new little arrivals, Kirst you are doing such a fantastic job and I am so proud of you sweety!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Toddler Jack!

It isn't often that I get to do a shoot with my 20 month old sonJack. When he sees the camera he either a) runs a mile or b) tries to be the photographer and take the pics. Today I thought I would just let him play in his room, run, jump, squeal and dance, and I would just sit there and snap away. It worked. Absolutely gorgeous photos (biased much?!) of our little dude. In my opinion, these are far better then any 'sit down and pose, say cheese' type of photos. These photos today are the exact direction I want my photos to go in, just like these. Hope you like them :)

Newborn Mackenzie

My first shoot of the year was with this sweet little one week old boy Mackenzie. I had grand plans of curling him up sound asleep and snapping away, but Mackenzie had other plans! He much preferred to stay awake the whole time to see what was going on! It was actually nice for something different, as it isn't often I get to see all my newborn models beautiful eyes! Here are a few...oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!